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Your Wedding Morning: Ways to get the most out of your photography (Bridal Prep)

I LOVE Bridal prep. It’s easily one of my favourite parts of the day. Surrounded by excitement, laughter and friendship - this guarantees some perfect shots. As the morning can be quite chaotic, I have compiled a list of hints and tips to help get the most out of me (your photographer) during bridal prep.

Note- you can download my free Bridal Prep Checklist below and if you need some supplier recommendations, head here: Wedding Supplier Recommendations

Bridal Prep Oakwood Ryther Bridal Suite

The morning of your wedding is here. You have your closest friends with you, you're getting your hair and makeup done, a glass of fizz in your hand, and in just a few hours, you'll be marrying your best friend. What a way to start your wedding day!

The adrenaline will be pumping through your system on the morning, so the last thing you want to think about is how to pose for photos or having a camera in your face when you feel hot and bothered. So, during the morning, all of my shots will be taken candidly (unposed and natural) until you all have your dresses on.

Bridal Prep Locations

Where to get ready on your wedding morning

Now think about the room you’re getting ready - Is it well suited for wedding prep? Your surroundings will reflect your morning preparations. My recommendation is to choose somewhere with lots of space and lighting, as you want to bask in the moment and not be jumping over each other. A bonus is somewhere with lots of windows, so we can utilise the natural light - this really does make the difference to how you appear on the screen. If this is not possible, you could have your childhood bedroom decorated with photographs and fairy lights to lend a sentimental feel.

IMPORTANT: Wherever you are, it’ll reflect on your photos. (If you get ready in a basement or dark hotel room, your photos will look like you got ready in a basement or dark hotel room...there is only so much I can do to disguise an environment).

Makeup artist applying makeup to a bride in her bridal suite at a wedding venue

Are you wanting Groom Prep Photos? This might not be something you have even thought about yet, or he's unsure about. If the answer is YES- Where are you and your groom getting ready?

If you’d love to have pictures of both you and your groom getting ready, try to get ready in close proximity to one another (although not too close so he can’t sneak a peek at you in your dress!).

This means in the same hotel, not the same room don't worry.

This will save time travelling back and forth, which ultimately means I can capture more footage or you both. Alternatively, consider a second shooter to have his dedicated space for photos.

Groom prep photos are often overlooked, but it's such an awesome collection of photos so I'd highly recommend it. (If you'd like to read more about groom prep photography, please check out this blog Your Wedding Morning: Ways to get the most out of your photos (Groom Prep).)

Bridal Prep Space

I briefly mentioned this above, but honestly, it's so key.

As there will be lots going on, having more space will help you to feel less claustrophobic and heated.

Not only will you be surrounded by your bridal party, but also the photographer, videographer, hairdresser and makeup artist - so spaces will soon feel a little tight.

Bridal suites are usually good in size, so if you’re getting ready at your location, it shouldn’t be too much of an issue. But if you’re getting ready at home, think about preparing the spare bedroom instead, your parent’s room, or even the living room / conservatory, to open up the space.

Bridesmaids helping bride fasten her wedding shoes on her foot

The ‘crap’ corner

By now, I may have mentioned the crap corner to you. It’s inevitable that bags, phones, bras, and other ‘stuff’ will be thrown around the room whilst you’re getting ready. (You should see my room when I’m going on a night out, so I know how easy it is to make a mess haha!)

To avoid this, have your bridal party put all of their stuff in another room, or in one corner of the room you’re getting ready - what I refer to as the ‘crap corner’. This way there isn’t going to be anything that you don’t want to appear in your film or photos by accident, such as rucksack bags or charger cables.

IMPORTANT - You are not to be in charge of keeping the room tidy - this is your day! Instead, tell your bridal party in advance that they’re responsible for keeping the room clear.

A Wedding Letter to Your Partner

One of my favourite wedding traditions is exchanging a handwritten letter with your partner. It could be something so simple as 'I love you, and I'll see you at the aisle!", but it has such a profound effect.

It's heartwarming to receive words of love in writing because then you have the opportunity to read it over and over again. It's a way to constantly feel the love whenever you need it, and calm your nerves. It looks awesome in photographs, and even better in video if you're reading it aloud.

A Gift to Your Partner

If you don't fancy writing a letter, or want to do something else as well, think about a gift for your spouse to open on the wedding morning.

My couples over the years have gifted many different things, but watches or cuff links tend to be the front runner in popularity. They are the perfect addition to his outfit on the day, but also something that he can treasure forever - his first heirloom even. Whatever you choose, doing this will make your wedding day super unique to you both.

A groom opening a Tag Heuer watch on his wedding morning as a gift from his bride

Getting Ready

Your getting ready outfits

Have you considered what you’re all going to wear when you’re getting ready during the morning?

Personally, matching dressing gowns and/or pyjamas are a must. Not only do they look super cute, but they’re also handy, practical and really stand out in your photographs by setting the scene.

Your photographs can look a bit disjointed if everyone is in different colours or outfits, fluffy dressing gowns or the christmas themed pyjamas they got last year! They don't need to be those dressing gowns with Bridal Party written all over the back of them, just matching colours will make them look more united.

If you can purchase them, go for it (and check the supplier list below). If not, ask your bridal party to coordinate their colours, or ask them to get into their bridesmaid dresses as soon as possible.

Two bridesmaids either side of the bride, sat on the floor of their bridal suite with the flowers, smiling at the camera

Your Wedding 'Details'

When I first arrive, the last thing I want to do is put my camera straight in your face. Instead, I slowly make myself known by capturing the details (accessories of your wedding) This way you get used to me being around before I start candidly shooting your morning.

The details are actually an important thing for me to capture. In years to come, these little things will trigger memories and take you right back to certain moments from your day, making you smile. Make sure you capture them because they often get forgotten or misplaced.

IMPORTANT- please have your details (Your dress, the jewellery, perfume - and any other little bits) all together in one place, for me before I arrive! This stops me from having to hunt them down which ultimately gives me more time to photograph the bridal prep.

Wedding details laid out aesthetically.  This image has her shoes, flowers, perfume and veil.

A stunning wedding bouquet in corals and white colours

Hair and Makeup

It’s common practice to invest in having your hair and makeup done professionally. After all, it will need to last all day and well into the night. So having an expert on hand to create the perfect look for you cannot be beaten. When you look back at your photos, you’ll be so glad you did.

Plus, will you really have time to do it yourself? Save yourself the stress and have a professional do it for you. My tip for this is to make sure to sit near a window for the best lighting.

bridemaids watching a make up artist apply makeup to her bride in the bridal suite

Your Wedding Dress

Hang your dress up for me to capture when I first arrive!

Then it will look super awesome in the back of photos. Then, putting your dress on is no doubt the moment we are all waiting for during bridal prep as this is the item that ties everything together.

Before you step foot into your gown, make sure your bridesmaids are fully dressed first. What we really don’t want is that perfect shot of you stepping into your gown, with your bridesmaid in her PJ shorts in the background.

Bridal dress hung up with olive bridesmaid dresses either side

A non essential tip, but awesome to have is try and get a purpose hangers for the morning, as they add that extra little detail to the shot. They also make great memory gifts for your Bridesmaids/Mum/Flower girls. You can find these on Etsy just by searching Bridal Hangers

IMPORTANT- You NEED to schedule enough time to get into your dress calmly. If you look rushed, hot and heated, it will show on the camera. Plus, nothing should ruin this moment you want to remember forever. I recommend leaving at least a 45-minute buffer to get into your dress before you set off. It’s better to be ready early than too late. If you do happen to be ready extra early, use this time to get some posed shots with your mum and Bridesmaids.

IMPORTANT #2 - Do you have an open back dress? Or are your shoulders exposed? Do not wear a bra this morning! Otherwise your bra straps will create crease marks and imprints on your skin, and not every photo can be photoshopped to remove this!

Looking After Your Bridal Party

Everyone will be super excited for you on the morning, and it's actually really common for your bridal party to be stressed- sometimes even more than the Bride! They want the day to be perfect for you, and so they will try their best to make sure you look and feel good. Although this is ultimately your day, there are little things you can do to make it extra memorable for them and show your gratitude.

Gifts on the Morning

It's common to gift your girls a little something- whether it be a necklace to wear on the day, a perfume, a lipstick, candle or even just a "hangover kit" for later. You don't have to, but it also looks beautiful in photos to capture this moment, especially if there's a handwritten note in there from you, with a personal message for each of them. If you don't want to or don't have the budget to go gifting anything to your bridesmaids, maybe think of your mum and the mother of your partner, as a thank you for all they have done.

Bridesmaids opening gifts on the wedding morning

Graze Breakfast

Sometimes with time constraints, it's difficult to plan a good breakfast in.

You might want to go out and have breakfast if time allows before getting ready, but often girls skip the breakfast in the heat of the moment!

Nerves might be making you feel queasy, or even stop you from thinking about food, and sometimes a fry-up is the last thing you need before you fit into a dress.

So, consider a morning graze platter! Full of healthy helpings of grapes, cheese, crackers, and then croissants, cold meats and more. It's something that can be prepared the day before, or even ordered in advance to cater to dietary needs. (Check my supplier list for recommendations).

Bridal party tucking in to a grazing platter on their wedding morning


Consider getting some jars of refreshing lemonade, fresh smoothies, or bucks fizz for the morning. Or, if your budget allows, order some mocktails to the bridal suite on the morning (they don't have to be mocktails, no judgement on my behalf if you want a drink at 9am).

It will make for a great photo moment, but also make the morning a really enjoyable experience, setting the tone for the rest of the day.

3 mocktails

Don't forget about the Mums!

It's really sad, but often the mother of the bride gets overlooked quite a bit on her daughter's wedding day. Let's face is, the bridesmaids look gorgeous and will be at your side all day, and then your dad will be walking you down the aisle and doing a speech. Remind your mum that you want her to feel included by giving her a special gift on the morning, or even write her a personal letter that she can read to herself before the festivities begin. You could even break tradition by getting both parents to walk you down the aisle, arm in arm- as after all, she deserves as much credit as dad!

Mother of the bride sat talking to a guest

Mother of the bride getting ready

Mother of the groom reading a letter from her future daughter in law

The First Looks

First Look With Dad

This is a very special moment between you both, and that is why it’s a great idea to be captured. I will try our best not to stage this, but we need to plan when it will happen so I can get the cameras ready!

It’s also a great idea to speak to your dad about this beforehand, as they can often walk in and freeze at the sight of their daughter all dressed up, ready to be walked down the aisle. If you would like him to come to you and hug you, it’s important you tell him. If you would like him to not crack a joke, you need to tell him beforehand. You’ll know how your dad will react better than we do, so I’ll leave it with you. Remember, I will be recording the audio during videography, so you could also prompt him to say something such as “What do you think?”

IMPORTANT- If you are planning a first look, I recommend scheduling 20 minutes for this, as you don’t want it ruined by the stress of leaving on time.

Father of the bride seeing his daughter for the first time in her dress

Bride filled with emotion seeing her father on her wedding day

Father and his daughter on her wedding day

Bride placing a kiss on her fathers cheek on her wedding morning

First Look With Your Bridesmaids

You may choose to get into your dress with the help if just your maid of honour, or your mum. In this instance, it may be a great idea to do a first look with your Bridesmaids as this makes a great reaction shot for your story. If it’s something you’re interested in, let me know so I can position my cameras to capture their faces as you walk.

First Look With Your Partner To-Be

Bride and groom walking hand in hand over a grass field with the sun setting in the background

A growing trend, especially if you’re not traditional, is capturing the moment where the Bride and Groom see each other for the first time, alone, before the ceremony. This can be a beautiful moment, as it’s just the two of you, truly intimate and magical.

Your makeup and hair are fresh, and as your wedding day goes incredibly fast, it’s a special moment that you can make truly your own! How to do it? The Bride could walk towards the Groom, tap him on the shoulder and have him turn round and we capture his reaction from over your shoulder. Or, you could both close your eyes and face each other, and do a big reveal together. This captures the raw emotion, that cannot be replicated in again!

If you are having a religious ceremony, this is also the moment where you could pray together, or pray for one another about the day ahead. This could also be the time where you exchange gifts, or practice your first dance! Whatever you decide to do, it will be the calmest moment on your wedding day, calming both your nerves, and it’ll set the tone for the rest of the day.

All that being said, it’s completely up to you. If you envisioned your Groom seeing you for the first time at the top of the aisle, no worries- I am not going to dictate your wedding day. No one should dictate how you should spend your day, and pressure you into doing anything you don’t want to. If it’s not for you, it’s not for you.

IMPORTANT- If you are scheduling a first look, we recommend 45minutes to do this.

Travel to the Ceremony

Bride Travel

It’s very difficult to capture you leaving your morning prep, as I will have to leave early to set up the cameras at the ceremony, capturing the groom and people arriving. If you insist that I capture this, we would recommend a second shooter for the day as I cannot be in two places at once!

Luckily, we can most likely be able to capture you arriving at the Ceremony, so if you are arriving in style, in a limousine, campervan, or even horse and cart, let us know your ETA- either via a Bridesmaid or by sharing your location via WhatsApp, so I can get those cameras ready!

A stunning bride stood alone smiling at the camera.  She is in her white wedding dress and has her bouquet of peach and pink flowers in front of her

Groom Travel

An awesome idea is to surprise your husband to be with his own carriage, or an awesome sports car to be precise. It's common to gift the groom an epic journey to the ceremony in a mustang or ferrari, which will make some great reaction photos and remind the groom that he is also special on this day. You could pitch this idea to his groomsmen, so they can take care of it! I'll go into more detail for groom prep in my post, Your Wedding Morning: Ways to get the most out of your photos (Groom Prep).

Recap Checklist (And a few extra tips)

Bridal prep checklist compiled by Gabriela

Most importantly - Try to relax and enjoy your special day. It goes by so quickly, embrace every second

If you haven't booked with me already, and you would like me to be the one to capture your big day, please get in touch now to check availability.

Supplier Recommendations for Bridal Prep Extras

  • Grazing Boxes and boards: Bake Bake Bake does UK wide orders, and has some beautiful breakfast boxes and grazing boards, or a bespoke catering menu which can be changed around, where it caters more to a specific event so they can order for a number of people.

a brunch grazing platter.  Complete with croissants, bagels, mini pancakes and yoghurts

  • Makeup and Hair: Aimee Grant Hairstylist is literally one of my favourite people to bump into at a wedding. She genuinely is a down to earth girl, with amazing talent for up dos. What's amazing is she is completely self taught, which goes to show how gooood her eye for detail is.

Hairdresser spraying hair spray onto bridesmaids styled hair

If you would like to find out about my pricing, or just get in touch, simply fill in this form here: CONTACT ME



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