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It's time to create some magic..


Thinking about having a wedding video? Well, here's the lowdown – it's not just another thing to check off the list. It's like having a front-row seat to your wedding, with all the real, unfiltered moments. Hearing your loved ones, reliving your vows, the crazy dance moves, and all those genuine, unfiltered moments whenever you need a boost of love. It's your story, your journey, and having it on film is like a reminder of the incredible love you've got. So, let's turn your wedding day into a living, breathing inspiration – a reminder of your epic love story that keeps you motivated and smiling for years to come.

Ready when you are!

Wedding details such as wedding stationery laid strategically.
Spicer Manor Sheffield Wedding Yorkshire Photographer Steph Pete 2022-4.jpg

"Just finished watching it 3 times hahahaha cannot write a coherent review right now due to crying and laughing too much but we love it 😭😭😭😭😭😭"



My approach to wedding videography is simple - I want to tell your love story in the most authentic and intimate way possible. I believe that the key to capturing those magical moments is through personalisation: I take the time to get to know you, understand your vision and personal style. Whether you prefer a cinematic or documentary style, I'll work with you to create a breathtaking wedding video that truly reflects who you are as a couple and your unique day.

Abbigail & Lewis Wedding Videography - Gabriela's Photo & Film
Feature Film Rebecca & James Wedding Day
Kathryn Ryan Wedding Highlight Video
Feature film Lucy and William Wedding Day - Videography by Gabriela's Photo and Film
Highlight Film Kate and Ben Wedding Day
Emily and Alex Highlight Wedding Film
Abby Paul Sneak Peeks-013.jpg

Best day ever, only made better by having the best photographer to capture the memories perfectly.



Every story is BEAUTIFUL.
Every story is UNQIUE.

From the stolen glances to the laughter-filled embraces, I'm on a mission to create a visual story that reflects the genuine vibe of your special day. Whether it's the intricate details of your décor or the spontaneous dance moves, my lens is focused on the authentic moments that make your wedding truly memorable. Let's create some magic together and make sure those unforgettable moments last a lifetime in your wedding video!

Vicky and Harry - Sneak Peeks-53.jpg
Afternoon Light

"I can’t thank you enough, so many tears watching these, you have captured it so well and there’s so much I hadn’t even remembered. 
You truly are amazing and I will be continue to recommend you to everyone I know!"


Video Pricing


My pricing has been tweaked to reflect the effort, energy and love I put into my work

*(Fully Booked for 2024. Limited 2025 spots)

A radiant bride and groom kissing in a stunning yorkshire location

Booked for Photography?
You can add a 5minute video highlight instead for just £650

Full Day Wedding Videography

Initial Zoom Consultation​

Ongoing Support with wedding day timeline and planning assistance, a bespoke guide, regular emails, unlimited online calls, all to help you create your perfect day

10-15 minute Feature Film


Full Ceremony Film

Full Speeches Film

Social Media Trailer within 7 days


10 Hours Coverage

No additional Travel or Accommodation within 90 miles from S36, North Sheffield

(Many other customisable options available).

Price Includes VAT


Natural, warm and modern wedding photography from Yorkshire!
I love documenting people's little moments.


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