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When we work together, I want to get to know you and your story, to find out what makes you two special! Every story is unique, and no two photos or wedding videos are the same.

Let's work together to create your very own magic!

Elegant wedding rings atop a wedding invitation marked with a wedding date, alongside a delicate pale pink rose in North Yorkshire
Emily and Jonathan Sneaks- 0034.jpg
Bride and groom sharing their first kiss with guests looking on, celebrating their love at a vibrant wedding ceremony in North Yorkshire

"You have been amazing since day 1 and yesterday you went above and beyond for us. You've not just been our photographer through our journey you've been a familiar face and a calm presence when we've been stressed.

Thank you for the hours you've put in, the detail you've addressed, carrying Emilys dress around all day and for standing in the pouring rain with us.

Our day wouldn't have been the same without you with us and we really mean that. We both said last night that it's sad that we may not see you again but I know we will follow each others journeys and you will forever be in our hearts for the love you've shown us and everything you did for us yesterday"

Bride and groom in a tender embrace among the autumn leaves at the Woodman Inn, capturing all the feels of an autumn wedding


Elegant bride in a luxurious gown with a plunging back, holding a bouquet, showcasing a blend of sophistication and whimsy in Manchester


I specialise in not using the word "pose"! I believe the best images are those that are captured effortlessly. Of course, I will give you enough guidance on how to stand and instructions on what we are going to capture, but the rest is up to you. Natural movements are everywhere in my pictures..

A joyful, fun-loving couple walking hand in hand at their Foxtail Barns wedding in Staffordshire, embodying luxury and quirkiness
Manchester Wedding with the bride walking down the aisle with her father whilst the groom looks on from the end of tha aisle
Wedding party posing with elegant style at Danby Castle Barns in Whitby, showcasing a charming and quirky bridal group in North Yorkshire

Sarah & Liam

An elegant Yorkshire wedding at Danby Castle Barns near Whitby. Sarah and Liam put attention to every detail and had their beloved pooch by their side.

Cheerful bride and groom strolling hand in hand at The Woodsman Inn, exuding luxury and playful charm on their wedding day in North Yorkshire

John & Emily

A gorgeous wedding with an autumn colour pallette at the cosy Woodman Inn. John and Emily had the biggest smiles on their faces all day despite the strong rainfall!

Becky Andrew Sneaks-100.jpg

Becky and Andrew

Modern, elegant and bursting with gorgeous decor throughout, Becky and Andrew tied the knot at Sandburn Hall near York.


Becky Andrew Sneaks-001.jpg
Becky Andrew Sneaks-054.jpg

"WOW! You literally have us blown away, they are amazing! 😍 Can’t wait to share these with everyone. Thank you once again for being so perfect throughout the day, you are absolutely incredible at what you do and even though I was so nervous all day these photos make everything look so natural. Love Love Love!!

From start to finish you made our day so perfect in every way and wow if these are as amazing as they are we can’t wait to see the rest. You went above and beyond at creating such wonderful memories!"

Becky Andrew Sneaks-057.jpg


Me Headshots-007.jpg


Wedding Photography

Wedding Videography


My approach to wedding videography is simple - I want to tell your love story in the most authentic and intimate way possible. I believe that the key to capturing those magical moments is through personalisation: I take the time to get to know you, understand your vision and personal style. Whether you prefer a cinematic or documentary style, I'll work with you to create a breathtaking wedding video that truly reflects who you are as a couple and your unique day.