Groom Prep: Your Wedding Morning- Ways to get the most out of your photography

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

Unlike your bride, I bet you haven’t been imagining the morning of your wedding, and just how important the prep is, have you? If you have, high five to you!

You’ve never done this before, so you only have preconceived notions of what to expect, especially from the photography side of things. Well, allow me to clear some things up, and also give you some hints and tips for the morning of your wedding.

Note- you can download my free Groom Prep Checklist below and I'll put a recommended supplier list at the bottom to help out if needed.

What to Expect

Firstly, I promise that I’ll be super relaxed around you. During the morning all of my shots will be taken candidly (unposed and natural) until you all have your suits on. I know you aren't too keen on having your photograph taken, and that's absolutely fine. There is nothing you can do to mess this up- it's all on me, that's why you hired me.

Second Shooter vs No Second Shooter

Do I need to hire a second a shooter for the groom prep? Hmm, yes, and no! It all depends on a few factors... If you are both getting ready in the same hotel or in close proximity, then no, it's not essential you get a second shooter (second photographer if you're wondering), But in doing so, it will allow me to give you more photos in your finished album as I cannot be in two places at once. If you are not getting ready in close proximity to each other, then you will need to either hire a second shooter OR we will have to a few of the photos when you arrive at the ceremony location. The difference being is I will not be able to capture the grooms morning in it's entirety, but most of this blog will still apply, so read on.


Where to Get Ready

What I’d recommend is that you get ready somewhere that is filled with natural light and has enough room to fit us all in, without us feeling like we’re on top of one another.

Unlike the bridal prep, the location of the groom and his groomsmen can be a little different. After all, you spend less time getting ready and you don't need a huge bridal suite for hair and makeup (or maybe you do, no judgement there! You do you). You could simply get ready in the family home, or the house you share with your bride to be, or your parents house. Literally there is no limitations as long as it's got windows and space for us all!

However, as I’ve mentioned in the bridal prep blog (here), there is only so much a photographer can do to disguise the surroundings that you are in. So if you really must get ready in the side room at the ceremony location, just know that it will be reflected in your photographs. Or if you are getting ready in your messy living room, it will be reflected in your photographs. Choose wisely.

IMPORTANT: If you’re located near your bride whilst getting ready, do not, I repeat, do not be tempted to sneak a peek of her in her dress. It will not be funny to her or anyone else, unless it's previously discussed with her and you've been given the green light.

The Details

At the beginning of the day, the last thing we both want is for me to put my camera straight in your face. I want to get to know you, your groomsmen and help you feel comfortable around me first.

So, instead, I start by capturing the details. “What details? I don’t have any” I hear you exclaim - Oh but you do. The details are the little things that make up your prep. Such as your shoes, the watch you will be wearing, even your bow tie. These details all go together to begin the story of your day. And are even more special when added to your wedding album.

Why though? Well, in years to come, these little things will jog memories and take you back to certain moments from your day, making you and your bride smile.

IMPORTANT: If possible, please have your details all together in one place. This stops me from having to hunt them down which ultimately gives me more time to photograph the prep. You can find a full checklist below with essential items.

The ‘crap’ corner

Men, like women, have lots of crap! So it’s inevitable that bags, phones, socks, and other ‘stuff’ will be thrown around the room whilst you’re getting ready.

To avoid this, have your groomsmen put all of their stuff in another room, or in one corner of the room you’re getting ready - what I refer to as the ‘crap corner’. This way there isn’t going to be anything that you don’t want to appear in your film or photos by accident.

IMPORTANT - You are not to be in charge of keeping the room tidy - this is your day! Instead, tell your groomsmen in advance that they’re responsible for keeping the room clear.

A Wedding Letter to Your Partner

One of my favourite wedding traditions is exchanging a handwritten letter with your partner. It could be something so simple as 'I love you, and I'll see you at the aisle!", but it has such a profound effect. It's heart warming to receive words of love in writing because then you have the opportunity to read it over and over again. It's a way to constantly feel the love whenever you need it, and calm your nerves. It looks awesome in photographs, and even better in video if you're reading it aloud.

A Gift to Your Partner

If you don't fancy writing a letter, or want to do something else as well, think about a gift for your spouse to open on the wedding morning. It could be something as simple as some flowers or a bottle of champagne for the girls to drink together in the morning, or you can get her a perfume, or an expensive earrings that will be handed down to the next generation. Whatever you choose, doing this will make your wedding day super unique to you both. I have added some links to gift ideas for your bride to be in the supplier links below.

Getting Ready

Do Your Homework!

Do your groomsmen know how to fasten a bow tie? Do you know how to put on a buttonhole? I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve rescued groomsmen on a wedding morning - And whilst I have no issues helping out; to save time, have them start practising in advance. It’s these little things that are forgotten about until it’s too late on the day to do anything about it.

Wedding day preparations are moments spouses usually doesn’t get to see, so we always recommend that they are documented. All those heightened wedding day feelings will be renewed when your other half gets to look at these photos.

Including Mum

Now, I realise that this topic may not apply to every family. Every wedding I have photographed has been full of different family dynamics.

Whilst a lot of focus is put on the mother of the bride; the mother of the groom can often be left feeling lost and not included on her little boys special day. The mother of the groom often wants to be included but doesn’t want to speak up so she doesn’t come across as overstepping in any way. It's easy for her to feel lost and not included, and finding jobs to do on the day that may be a little annoying if taken the wrong way.

A sweet and thoughtful way to include her is to invite her into your getting ready space. You can have her help fasten your tie or put in your buttonhole. She will treasure those photographs more than you will ever realise.