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Should we hire a Wedding Videographer?

Videography is something that is often be overlooked by couples. They have a photographer and believe that photos and memories alone will be enough. And whilst this may well be perfect for some couples. I'm here to tell you that not hiring a wedding videographer is the biggest regret of most couples.

Let's look at my top 5 reasons why you should hire a videographer.

1 - Photographs don't speak

This is a fact. A photograph is beautiful and can transport you back to that moment, how you felt and what you looked like. However, video gives you more. Your wedding film will allow you to hear your loved ones' voices. Listen to their laughter during the best man's speech. And see their dance moves once the lights go down. This, for me, is the number one reason for hiring a videographer. Photos capture moments, whereas video allows you to relive them.

2 - We capture the moments you don't get to see

Your wedding day will go by quicker than you could ever imagine. And you can't be in all the places at once, however much you wish you could. A wedding videographer is an extra set of eyes for you. While you are focused on your significant other during the wedding ceremony, there will be someone who will capture the reactions from your guests and further little details that may have escaped your notice. If you're the bride, you can see the anticipation on the grooms' side during getting ready and right before the first look happens. The little moments that you don't see will make your wedding experience so much more impressive.

3 - A Keepsake for your family and kids

Can you imagine being able to watch your grandparents' wedding film, sitting with your family in awe of their love, surrounded by their friends and checking out the fashion of that time?

This is what you can give to your kids (and grandchildren).

It's also a fantastic way to include those family members who couldn't attend as they can relive it through the video.

4 - A videographer will not interrupt your day

When you first think of a videographer, are you envisioning a giant camera, microphones and bright lights following you around all day? I promise this is not the case. Instead, a videographer will follow the flow of the day quite naturally. And in most cases can usually go almost unnoticed.

5 - Wedding Videographer - We're not as costly as you think

There is a misconception that videography is super expensive. This really isn't the case. There are videographers out there to suit all budgets. So pop me an email today, and let's discuss your special day with me as your videographer.


I have never met anyone who regretted hiring a wedding videographer. The ability to watch their wedding vows again is something they treasure. Hear the toasts that were given. See Nana one last time. As well as remembering their friend's silliness at the time. Wedding videography truly is a unique addition to any wedding.

If you're interested in watching my full videos, I can highly recommend the following:

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Gabriela's Photography and Film is a Sheffield based Wedding Photographer and Wedding Videographer. Specialist in candid portraits and natural photos. Photographer Brochure available upon request.


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