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Interviews with Florists: A Yorkshire Wedding Flower Guide

Deciding on your flowers can seem simple at first, but it soon can turn into a difficult task! Without the expertise of a florist, you might end up settling on flowers that are unsuited to your wedding venue and/or theme. To help you out, I've asked some of the amazing florists I have had the fortune of photographing five different questions about how to plan wedding floristry!

Here are their answers:

Q: What advice can you give to couples before they book a florist?

Answer by Rose and Spade, York Based Florist


ANSWER: Look around to find a style of floristry you like. Speak to the florist, and I think it's important you get on with the florist because you need to trust them to create the vision you're looking for, and you cant compare the quote of one florist with another. A good florist will work with a budget and advise the best way to get the most out of that budget!

Q: What are some creative ideas for where I can use my flowers in my ceremony?

Answer by Meadows and Mulberry, Sheffield Wedding Florists | IG: @meadowsandmulberryweddings

ANSWER: So flowers for your wedding - I always encourage my couples to go for a large piece rather than lots of little displays as a large piece packs a punch and often small displays as pretty as they are can get lost in your venue (unless of course you have a large budget & can have lots of them). Choosing what you have depends on your venue & its limitations… For example:

➡️ A Hanging Installation looks amazing but it requires the right fixtures in the first place. So a hoop or a cloud.

➡️ An Arch which can be alsorts of shapes… square, octagon, triangle, curved. These look gorgeous filled with greenery & a smattering of flowers so looks as though it is natural and just growing there. Or you could have it thick & full.

➡️ A Moongate is another great option. Like the arch it really fills the space and is a real focus point for your guest to admire and the backdrop for photos is lovely. Again the decor can be varied, filled all the way round the circle or at different points on the circle so it is assymetrical.

➡️ The Broken Arch is another option too. Basically 2 upright poles filled with greenery and flowers you would never know. These could be the same height…different heights…arched over towards each other but not joined… with drapes added.

➡️ Meadows so long boxes of flowers that look like they are growing which can go up the aisle and then sit in front of the ceremony table. They look lovely.

My piece of advice would be try to choose your ceremony flowers so they can be repurposed in your reception. So for example move your Arch, Moongate, Broken Arch, Meadows, to behind top table…& maybe later as a photo backdrop for your guests. But…you need to consider this only if it’s feasible to move. Chat to your florist & the venue staff about the practicalities. You might have to rely on the florist staying longer to do this, which obviously will have a cost implication. You could always have a venue where the ceremony room becomes the reception room in which case this turn around lends itself to keeping the ceremony piece in place…or certainly shouldn’t need to move far. Finally…. Meadows look great in front of the top table once the ceremony is over.

And aisle posies on the chairs….if you do choose to have these then try to repurpose them on tables, mantlepieces etc… afterwards so they contribute to the look of your reception.

And consider the Bridesmaids Bouquets too…could they be used for top table decor or on your guest tables? Certainly something to consider if you have lots of Bridesmaids


Q: How do you choose the right flowers for your wedding?

Answer by Horse Shoe Flowers, Dried Flowers for Weddings

www, | IG: @horseshoeflowers

ANSWER: I would say there are no right or wrong flowers. Any choice I make is the result of chatting with the couples, hearing their ideas and taking those ideas and creating a concept for them that encompasses their style and ideas. Colour has and always will play a huge part of the process for me, I start each design by creating a colour palette that works with the theme the couple is looking for. Then the style and shape of the bouquets is dictated by the end result the couple are looking for- so is the look to be a romantic and contemporary look? Or are we creating a relaxed wildflower look? Or going for a boho luxe vibe? Using dried flowers means there are no seasonal limitations to the flowers we choose!

Q: What are some creative ideas for flowers at my reception?

Answer by Hyde Park Flower Club by Dottie's, Yorkshire Based Florist | IG:

ANSWER: 1. Simplicity can be impactful! Single stem vases, single stems in mini vases; the right florist can create impact, drama and floral beauty without epic designs and tonnes and tonnes of flowers.

2. If you are going epic (or not) re-use designs from your ceremony. Backdrops, arches, meadows down the aisle, all sounds very extra until you re-use them as photo backdrops, framing key entrances and using them as centrepieces on tables. This gives you the most enjoyment and use of your flowers on your wedding day!

3. Plants!!! One key trend we’ve loved getting involved with is using potted plants to add to the decor of the reception. They’re the best wedding favours too!

4. If you want creative, trust your florist and dare to be bold! Giving a skilled florist creative license to explore and push a few boundaries of your design brief will always get the best (creative) results. Trying to manage every tiny detail of wedding florals is creativities biggest hurdle 🙏🏼🌸✨

Q: How can I make my own bouquet unique to my wedding?

Answer by Vicki Johnston Flowers, Yorkshire Wedding Florist | IG: @vickijohnstonflowers

ANSWER: I would definitely consider the venue you have chosen… what vibe you’re going for, and of course your dress and the colour of your bridesmaids. Choosing the blooms that you love (even if you don’t know the names). Inspiration pictures are helpful. Pick aspects of different bouquets that you are drawn to. Your florist will help with shapes and sizes to create the perfect unique bouquet for your wedding day. I have been a florist for 29 years and have never created the same bouquet twice…. It should be for you only.

There you have it- ways to make your wedding flowers incredible and unique for you and your wedding!

Thank you so much to all these incredible suppliers who took the time to write something for this blog post. Check them out on instagram as I have included their instagram usernames! You won't regret seeing the incredible inspiration that they post

Gabriela xxx




Gabriela is a wedding photographer and wedding videographer based in Yorkshire, England. If you would like to know more about her prices and packaging, please visit



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