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How to Choose Your Wedding Colours: Tips from a photographer

If you're undecided about your wedding colours, this article is for you. Choosing your wedding colours isn't always easy, unless you want to default to the dusky pink that appears at so many wedding (I did!)

You may also love more than one colour, I get it. Once you start thinking about it, it can get very complicated, and you start having to take everything into consideration. After-all, this is essentially the aesthetic of your day! The good news is that I've got 5 tips from a photographers perspective that can steer you in the right direction.

1. Who is your photographer?

It's honestly a must to look at how your photographer edits different colours and styles. For example, certain styles of photography suit certain colours. I always love pale blues with fine art photographers, but personally I feel my style suits more coppers, reds and even dusky pinks! Certain photographers will desaturate colours, which may be disappointing if they are your main colours.

DISCLAIMER: NOT my photo, but a clear view of how some photographers can edit. Media taken from Wix unsplashed.

3. Be inspired by your venue.

Do you have a lot of white walls, mahogany furniture or even lots of greenery around? All of this will contribute to your decision. You will want your main colour to stand out against them and not be consumed or clash with them. So for example, if you have lots of greenery, do you want to choose a bold colour to stand out against it? Because having your wedding party wear green might not be the best fit. With mahogany furniture inside, oranges or dusks may get lost, whereas a royal blue or a blood red would stand out more.

2. Choose the main colour!

This is the colour you want to remember throughout your day, and you will forever associate this colour with your wedding. You will be showcasing it throughout your day, the main base colour if you will. It may be on your stationary, bridal dresses, flowers, cake, the possibilities are endless. But once you decide on your base colour, then you can begin making everything work around it. Make sure it's a statement colour, that can compliment you. Do you want sky blues all around? Do you want burnt oranges complimenting the day? Deciding on that colour will be the starting point.

2. Consider the time of year and the seasons

Get inspired by your wedding season, as these colours can help tell the story of the time of year you are getting married in. Getting married during summer? Lean towards bright and warm tones during the summer, blush/dusks in the spring and deep colours such as copper, magenta and fuchsia during the colder months in autumn and winter. Important note: Discuss this with your florist, as you may have you eye on a colour of flowers which can be nearly impossible to get depending on the time of year. Consult with them for seasonal florals.

4. What's your vibe?

Are you wanting something bold and fashionable, or outdoorsy and rustic? A tipi wedding outside vs a country manor house would suit different colours. For example, black and white colours may go with the bold and fashionable vibe you are seeking, with black ties and cocktail towers. Or popping pinks, statement yellows or epic oranges will go more with an outdoorsy vibe.

BONUS: Be selfish about this. If you love a certain colour, then go with a colour you love and feels that looks great. There are so many ways you can incorporate your colours, such as the shoes, the flowers and even table runners! Do what you want for your wedding and stick to it. Having an incredible colour palette will look even better if it seems planned and purposeful rather than lots of random different colours.

There you have it- ways to make your wedding look incredible and unique.

Gabriela xxx



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