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Waterton Park Hotel | Sheriden & Stuart Wedding Photography

As I'm looking through these photos, I can tell how beautiful the day was for Sheriden and Stuarts wedding. It was full of emotions, start to finish, with laughter, tears, hugs and more laughter throughout the day! It's obvious from these photos how much Sheriden and Stuart are loved by their family and friends, as theres so many beautiful photos and unique moments captured between them. In fact, this is a unique occasion where I actually wasn't present at the wedding as I couldn't attend, so a wonderful duo, Valentina and Daniel stepped up to the task and captured these wonderful photos at Waterton Park Hotel.

Sheriden and Stuart, I cannot WAIT to send the rest of these photos to you as there's so many beautiful shots that you are yet to see. In the meantime, please enjoy your sneak peaks and stay madly in love with each other.

Sheffield Wedding Photographer and Videographer Gabriela. Willing to travel for love. If you would like to find out more about pricing and packaging, please visit



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