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The Secret Elopement of Mr & Mrs Wright

There is something so powerful about a love that doesn’t need a grandstand. It can be celebrated in a quaint hotel, in front of no one but a photographer and registrars. Such is the instance of Ellen and Ben's wedding, that I was so so privileged to capture.

I first met this amazing couple and their beautiful daughter during one of my family mini sessions back in August at the Botanical Gardens. After our 25minute session, we got chatting and they suddenly revealed that they were engaged. But not only that, they revealed that no one else knew, and I was one of the first people to know! What a privilege again! We spoke soon after about being the one to capture their secret wedding, and I could not resist this opportunity.

A photo from their family session back in august

This amazing couple was such a joy to work with. Weddings days can be filled with anxiety, stress and time constraints, but not with these two. Stepping into their world felt like sliding into a warm weighted blanket. Sure and committed to each other. They made their vows to each other at Lygon Arms in the Cotswolds, and it was magical. Just the two of them, their daughter, two strangers at witnesses and the registrar to complete the ceremony. Uncomplicated and stress free.

We then got to explore the gardens unbothered and shoot on in front of the gorgeous historic Hotel in Broadway. I haven’t loved an elopement more and it was such an honour to be a very small part of their special day. Ellen and Ben, thank you.

Interview with Ben and Ellie (for the blog obviously- thanks guys!):

Why was it so important to you both to get married?

We already have a one year old daughter which is a pretty considerable connection and wanted to be a family unit , along with all the other ‘usual’ reasons it was important to us as she grows up, knowing we signed the ‘love contract’.

What was it like on the day? Did you enjoy it?

We felt in control and relaxed throughout the day and were able to give our attention to each other and our daughter. The moments we shared in the ceremony felt very intimate and intense, which made it more important for Gabriela to capture, given the fact our family and friends will be experiencing our special day through the photography.

Did your family react the way you thought they would?

We had a really positive response from everyone which proves what’s right for the couple is the right decision. On hearing of a couples commitment to each other a persons reaction should be happiness and we certainly felt the love from everyone......although we have had a number of requests from people asking when the after party will be !

What would you say to another couple considering doing the same?

If it feels right , just do it. Weddings can often be events with a focus and pressure on trying to please many different parties and ultimately you don’t end up with the wedding you set out to achieve. Initially we thought hard about the type of wedding we wanted, took the brakes off and after the event can say it was the perfect wedding experience for us the Wright family of three .






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