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Moorland Golden Hour Engagement Shoot | Beth and Dale | Gabriela's Wedding Photography

If there's one thing I can highly recommend as a photographer, is getting your photos done during golden hour. What does this mean? Basically the hour before the sun sets you'll have a gorgeous golden glow to all your images, and they just look so epic, you'll love every one. I met Beth and Dale outside of Whitby for their very own engagement pre-wedding photography shoot and the golden hour did not disappoint! We managed to capture some stunning portraits of the two of them alongside their roaming dog Loki, who you'll see around the shots, and these two nailed every pose I gave them. We did the traditional intimate photos and some candids too, which allowed me to capture their personalities and their relationship in every picture. Now they are all ready for their wedding day which is in just 3 weeks and I cannot wait to see how stunning they will look then!!

Beth and Dale, thank you so much for letting me take your pictures this weekend. I enjoyed the cupcakes you gave me with my 3 year old who is very thankful! I cannot wait for your wedding, but for now, here's your sneak peaks. Enjoy!



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