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What is an engagement session and why should you have one?

Engagement sessions aren't just a chance to get all the pretty photos in a spot that you love, but it's also the perfect opportunity to get to know your photographer before your big day and also get some normal, non-wedding day photos of you both. Let's face it, it's rare to be in a photo together that isn't a selfie, or that someone else has taken on their iPhone. Here's a chance to get some professional photos together for the first time.

I am all about having a friend over client/vendor relationship, and this is the approach I take with ALL of my couples. I want you to feel comfortable enough to be yourself in front of me - or better still, comfortable enough to forget I’m even there. And the way that I have found to ensure this, is to meet up before your actual wedding day (who wants a complete stranger to be hovering around all day, really?). By meeting up beforehand, we can get to know each other and I can understand what makes you feel relaxed and comfortable.

But it’s also a fun way for you guys to have a date night. Choose something you love, in a place you love! And bonus— get pictures of it all.

The aim of this blog post is to chat through some different ways to help prepare you for your engagement session and to make sure that it reflects YOU. I want you to be able to look back at the moments in the photographs and feel the memories that coincide with them.

Location + Planning

When you’re thinking about what location to pick, you want to choose somewhere that speaks to you both; somewhere that has a special meaning to you. Maybe it's where you shared your first kiss? Or you simply love spending time in that place - The location will go such a long way in ensuring that your engagement session feels like you.

What to Wear to your Engagement Photos

The best piece of advice I can give you, is to wear something that you feel amazing in. Something that truly represents you. Wear your favourite t-shirt or that special dress - or better yet, what a perfect opportunity to treat yourself to that outfit you’ve been eyeing up for months.

Ultimately choose something that you’re comfortable in. And remember, you cannot mess this up, it is all on me to make you guys look good for the camera.

When to have it

A few months before the wedding is a good time to have your engagement session, when you're close enough to start getting excited, but far enough away not to be concerned about whether Nanna Bridget will change her menu choice again!

However, if you plan to use your engagement photos for invitations and/or save the date cards, you might want to schedule this a bit earlier so you can get the photos back, pick your favourite, and get them ordered in plenty of time.

My personal favourite is a springtime photoshoot. It’s likely the weather will be good, and the lighting during this time of year is really lovely to work with.

Summertime photoshoots are usually a bit more difficult if the sun is directly overhead. However an evening or sunset shoot can be absolutely breathtaking. Photographers call this ‘The Golden Hour’ and the colours can be out of this world. It does take careful planning to take advantage of this short window - but it is truly worth the results.

And please don’t be afraid of the winter months. Getting wrapped up and snuggling under a blanket can make for some seriously cosy, yet stunning photographs.

Take a look at my pinterest board for inspiration:

What to expect

All of my couples that are booked on my full day package get an engagement session included. The session will last around 1 ½ hours in the location of your choice. Before your shoot I will send over a questionnaire to help plan your session, then all you have to do is relax and look forward to the day.

If you would like to find out about my pricing, or just get in touch, simply fill in this form here: CONTACT ME


Gabriela's Photography and Film is a Sheffield based Wedding Photographer and Wedding Videographer. Specialist in candid portraits and natural photos. Photographer Brochure available upon request.


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