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Georgia & Nick | Kenwood Hall & Spa Sheffield Wedding Photography

I absolutely love how sweet this couple is. I first met them in person on their engagement session, and I absolutely felt so comfortable around them- they are just the sweetest, nicest couple. When I entered their home, Georgia straight away offered me a cuppa and Nick offered a seat on their comfy sofa, and they made me feel at home. I honestly cannot express how nice they are.

Their wedding day was no different- as you'll see from the photos, Georgia and Nick are constantly smiling with her guests, enjoying their wedding day and living their best life! My favourite photo has to be Nick reacting to seeing Georgia walk up the aisle- honestly, that's the sweetest reaction, even more so as you know they are the sweetest couple. I cannot wait to edit the rest of these photos, but for now, please enjoy some quick sneak peaks!

Gabriela xxx



Gabriela is a Yorkshire Wedding Photographer and Videographer based in Sheffield, Yorkshire, but willing to travel for love. If you would like to find out more about pricing and packaging, please visit



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