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Laura & Greg | Sheffield Wedding Photography Tipi Garden

I really really enjoyed being at this wedding, for various reasons. First of all, the event was held in the field behind Laura & Gregs home, and so there was almost a feeling of being at home the entire day. It didn't have any restraints of a complicated venue or a fancy hotel- it just felt... calm and nice. They of course had a wonderful tipi to celebrate in, and lots of their family and friends in attendance to make the day one to remember.

Laura and Greg are genuinely (no seriously, genuinely) the most chilled out couple I've ever had the fortune of photographing. I can't even begin to stress how much Laura is so chill- even from our initial zoom call, to the wedding day itself. So the whole day was a breeze to her, and to me as well in turn. I honestly had so much fun without any looming pressures over my head that I actually felt more of a guest than a photographer. So for that Laura and Greg, I thank you. I almost forgot what that felt like.

Of course, these two are just so utterly gorgeous together that the photos just speak for themselves so I'll stop rambling on now- but one thing is for sure, I've got so so sooo much more to give you guys and I cannot wait to finish your gallery. Until then, keep loving each other unconditionally and speak soon!

- - Gabriela is a Yorkshire Wedding Photographer and Videographer based in Sheffield, Yorkshire, but willing to travel for love. If you would like to find out more about pricing and packaging, please visit



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