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Ceri + Suman | Stag and Henna Party

A big family reunion, filled with laughter, pizza and henna!

As soon as I spoke to Suman and Ceri over zoom, I immediately fell in love with their story. Getting together just before lockdown, and falling in love throughout meant that they truly got to spend quality time together from the beginning. We spoke about how they met, how they both were moving (very close to me might I add!) and their recent trip to the Isle of Wight. I could go on and on about how amazing they are, but the thing that stood out is how much they smiled. They truly and genuinely are happy together, and I cannot wait to see how happy they will be on their wedding day!

Aside from making each other happy, there was something else that stood out in their story. Their love for their family. They spoke highly about how their friends and family were going to travel far and wide for their big day, and so if there was something they wanted capturing more than anything else, was pictures of everyone enjoying themselves. It was clear that at the heart of their wedding planning stood their families happiness as well as theirs. Suman went on to tell me how his family were going to be travelling over from India, and so he would love to get more photos of them together. Whatsmore, his brother was hoping to make it to their wedding from the US, and so we were nervously awaiting covid19 restrictions to ease. Ceri went on to say how her friends and family were all coming from the south, and they hadn't seen much of eachother since the pandemic. For that reason, they had a different idea for their engagement session...

"How about instead of doing a couple session, could we get everyone together to photograph them before the wedding? Suman's family will hopefully be over by then", said Ceri. I jumped at the opportunity as I knew how important it was for them. She went on to say then the guys were off to a mini stag do, and the girls were going to have a henna party. What a wonderful idea! Here is a short glimpse into their evening, and I cannot wait for their wedding day.

Suman and Sanjay reunited

Before their night out!

The guys set off and I later joined the girls again for the Henna and pizza night! Ceri warned me that none of them had ever done Henna before, but were willing to give it a go. So not only was it an amazing reunion night, but it turned into a creative evening!

Ceri's hands nearly finished

The Bridesmaids

The mums

Ceri and her mum Angela

The Bridesmaids were incredibly warming, and I can see why Ceri chose her sisters and her two closest friends to be by her side. They all wore their Bridal Team pyjamas in anticipation for the big day!

Full of laughter, pizza and fun!

Cannot wait for your big day Ceri and Suman- it will definitely be one to remember. You and your family were incredibly hospitable, and I felt part of the gang immediately. Thank you so much, it was an honour to capture these.

Gabriela is a Sheffield Wedding and Family Photographer. Should you wish to enquire, please visit my website here:

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