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Wedding Makeup Guide: Photographer Interviews Makeup Artists

Makeup for your big day can seem like such a daunting task. Trusting someone else with your wedding face, and making sure you look and feel your best can be a challenge. Without the expertise of a makeup artist, you might end up settling on wedding makeup that you don't like, or even just doing your own! To help you out, I've asked around some of the amazing makeup artists and beauticians I've had the fortune of working with. I've asked them what their top tips for Brides would be for their makeup and skincare before and on your wedding day. Here are their answers.

Which Makeup Tips does a Wedding Photographer Recommend?

But before I start, I want to actually provide my own tip! First of all, the camera never lies. We see it all, all makeup good and bad. Most of the time it's good, but there are ways to move it from good to excellent! A lot of brides forget about the fuzzy beard hairs or peach fuzz they get around their chins and moustache. Unfortunately, the camera will pick up on that, especially if I'm doing any closeups. So if that will bother you, get that removed before your wedding day! Secondly, make sure you go for makeup that doesn't rub off easily. You will be hugging EVERYONE, so makeup that slides off when touched will end up on everyones shoulders, making it a nightmare to edit. Finally, bring a lipstick to top up just before your main photos, and best if it doesn't smudge or come off as you'll be doing a lot of kissing during the portraits!

That's enough from me, let's move to the professionals themselves!

What skincare tips should I follow before my wedding day?

Answer from The Secret Brow Society, beauty Salon in Sheffield.

I thought we should start off with what comes BEFORE the makeup- skincare tips and treatments to help your makeup be it's best. Maria from the secret brow society recommended the following:

ANSWER: My recommendation would be to go for regular facials including derma-planing and hydrofacials, up to the lead up to the wedding day. The better your skin is, the better your makeup will look! Especially with derma-planing; you'll get a flawless sheen look on the skin without any peach fuzz, and the makeup will also lie beautifully. You can start this routine from around 6 months before the wedding day, returning once a month. If your serious about looking great, you can go once a week the month of your wedding.

How do I begin preparing for my wedding day makeup?

Answer from Jess Pacey Bridal Makeup


  • ensure you have a good and consistent skincare routine. This doesn’t have to be anything complicated, cleanse, moisturise and spf in the morning and cleanse and moisturise in the evening.

  • use a flannel to remove cleanser for gently exfoliation. Great for dry lips too!

  • remove makeup properly, no wipes please! These dry your skin out and do not remove makeup well. Double cleansing is much better, the first cleanse removes the makeup and the second cleanse cleans the skin. This allows your other skincare products to work better!

  • Hydration is the best for your skin, so drinking lots of water and introducing a hyaluronic acid and/or a hydrating spray to your routine are some great ways to help achieve a natural glowing complexion.

  • With a month to go to your wedding day don’t introduce any new skincare products to your routine to avoid any reactions or spots coming to the surface.


  • Gather makeup inspiration, hopefully you love your makeup artist’s work so heading to their website, Instagram or Facebook pages are a great way to get some ideas.

  • Don’t worry if you do not like the entire look, save it, you can explain this at your trial.

  • Understand your likes and dislikes of makeup

  • Try to pick photos with similar complexion, eye and hair colours as yourself. Makeup can look very different for every single person.

  • Treat your skin like you would the night before your wedding.

  • If possible wear a white/ivory/cream top with a similar neckline to your dress .

  • Have photos of your dress, flowers, hair inspo/trial so your makeup artist can understand your vision. If they’re anything like me they love to see lots of wedding inspo!

How do I prepare for my makeup trial?

Answer from Emma Denton Makeup

Show me pictures, I love them! and don’t worry if you don’t look anything like the photo it just gives me an idea of how you want to look. Everyone’s definition of ‘natural glam’ is different, so we will work together to create your bespoke look so you feel the most confident and gorgeous version of yourself on your special day.

If you are wearing your hair up or down on the day it is always a good idea to have it in a similar style on the day of your make up trial so you can see how it is going to look with the make up you have done.

What Products Do You Use?

Answer from Derbyshire Bride

Usually with weddings we find that we have a very early start! That means I need your bridal looks to last all day and all night… from emotional speeches to busting dance moves on the dancefloor! Depending on your skin type I tend to set any make up look with at least one of these products: @lauramercier translucent setting powder - this is a cult classic for a reason, it doesn’t budge and it doesn’t change the colour of anything that you are laying in it on top of! @charlottetilbury airbrush flawless face powders - these are also a favourite of mine and can help to add additional coverage and colour to the skin where we need it. I am also trying out the new brightening powder for under the eye… I will let you know what I think to that shortly.

Finally, every look I set has to have a setting spray. Dependent on the finish that you are after I carry four different setting sprays in my kit! for a dewy look @maccosmeticsuk Matte fix plus for, you guessed it, a matte finish… or fix plus with gold lite if you want alllll the glow @charlottetilbury for a natural skin finish

What's Your Best Tips for Brides?

Answer from Clare Flint Makeup Artist

The question that I get asked the most by my future brides is how much makeup they should wear on their wedding day. My answer is always the same, you should wear the correct amount for YOU.

If you very rarely wear makeup, then your wedding day is not the day to be in full coverage glam! Do not follow trends or fads, keep true to yourself and your personal style. Your bridal makeup should make you feel like a perfected, most beautiful version of yourself. Your bridal trial is a great opportunity to discuss this with your makeup artist. A good makeup artist will carry products that are professional and that look great on camera, this means you don't always have to wear very heavy makeup on the day so you still recognise yourself in the mirror! Here are some other tips:

  • Buy a lipstick so you can top up your colour later on in the day.

  • If you tend to get oily during the day, oil absorbing papers can be a very good option & they are very easy to slip into one of your bridesmaids bags.

  • Every bride cries happy tears at some point during the day. Make sure you have tissues at the ready & always gently dab away your tears.. Do not be tempted to wipe them away as the friction can move/remove your makeup

  • The most important way to prep for makeup is great skincare. If you have a good skincare routine on the run up to the day, your makeup will look better and last longer.

  • Make sure that you have any facials/waxing or threading 5-7 days before your wedding day as these treatments can cause redness, irritation and small spots. Ideally have a practice run a month before your wedding day to ensure everything runs smoothly.

  • Beware of spending too much time in the sun before your wedding day. Sunburn, strap marks and dryness doesn't look great with a wedding dress and can be very hard to cover.

  • If you are considering a spray tan, have a practice four weeks before to make sure you like how it looks (keep in mind, a deep tan can affect how different makeup tones look on your skin so always tell your makeup artist if it is something you are thinking about)

  • Hydrate. Drink plenty of fluids, use hydrating face masks/facial mists & moisturisers so your skin as plump as it can be on the day.

There you have it- ways to make your wedding bridal makeup unique for you and your wedding!

Thank you so much to all these incredible suppliers who took the time to write something for this blog post. Check them out on instagram as I have included their instagram usernames! You won't regret seeing the incredible inspiration that they post

Gabriela xxx

Gabriela is a wedding photographer and wedding videographer based in Yorkshire, England. If you would like to know more about her prices and packaging, please visit



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