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Stretton Manor Barn Wedding Venue | Wedding Photography for Kelly and Jake

A sunny November day at the charming Stretton Manor Barn, Chesterfield, where laughter echoed against the rustic backdrop, and love painted the whole place in warmth. I was the lucky photographer entrusted with capturing the magic of Kelly and Jake's wedding, and let me tell you, it was an absolute blast! Kelly and Jake, the dynamic duo, chose this beautiful countryside venue, and I got a front-row seat to document their love story. From stolen glances to fits of giggles, their wedding was a rollercoaster of emotions, all set against the stunning autumn landscape.

So, grab your virtual seat as I take you through the snapshots of a day that was all about love, laughter, and some seriously awesome photos. Stretton Manor Barn, Kelly, Jake – get ready for a journey through a wedding day that was as bright as the sunshine beaming down on that unexpected November afternoon. Let's dive in! 📸☀️

Kelly and Jake

Wedding Venue: @strettonmanorbarn

Hair: @hairby_kerry

MUA: @jessicaleymakeup


Wedding Dress: Cizzy - @chloejanebridalwear

Suits by: @mossbros

Cake: @thepantrydoor

Entertainer: @michaelmulhollandacoustic

Band: @entertainmentnationuk

Couple: @kelly_tatchell @j_jake24



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