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Jazz and Conor | Foxtail Barns Wedding Photography Sneak Peaks

Ah! These two!! Do you ever look at a couple and think, dayum, they look good together? Well that's what I think about Jazz and Conor. This gorgeous duo tied the knot this week at Foxtail Barns, a Wedding Venue beautiful venue located in the outskirts of Stoke-On-Trent that boasts wonderful scenary, epic decor and friendly staff (shout-out to Sally and Emily for being amazing coordinators!). Honestly, if they would let me, I'd photograph Jazz and Conor on the regular because they are just. TOO. GOOD!

The day started off with Bridal prep with her stunning bridesmaids, and Jazz had chosen their dresses to be my dream wedding colours- burnt orange, which photograph so well. The ceremony took place soon after, and oh my word, if I could have hugged Conor at the top of the aisle, I would have done. At the sight of Jazz, he buckled, he let loose and the tears kept flowing. That's the reaction you want from your groom waiting for you at the top, and he made us all cry with him.

Jazz and Conor, have a wonderful time in Mexico on your honeymoon. I'm sure it'll be as epic as your wedding day! Rest up on the beach, eat lots of tacos and keep loving each other unconditionally. Best wishes, Gabriela xxx

- - - - Gabriela is a Yorkshire Wedding Photographer and Videographer based in Sheffield, Yorkshire, but willing to travel for love. If you would like to find out more about pricing and packaging, please visit



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