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Foxtail Barns Wedding Photography | Kieran and Shannon | Frosty Winter Wedding

Grab your hot cocoa and cozy up, 'cause I've got the lowdown on the coolest winter bash at Foxtail Barns – Kieran and Shannon's epic wedding! I was the lucky wedding photographer freezing my butt off, but having the time of my life capturing all the magic.

First things first, let's talk about Kieran and Shannon. These two? Absolute stunners. Winter didn't stand a chance against their good looks and infectious smiles. I swear, they could've melted the snow with the love they were radiating. Dressed in their amazing wedding dress and suit, they turned the barn into their own personal fairytale. Now, picture this: a rustic barn decked out in fairy lights, guests bundled up like it's the North friggin' Pole, and me, trying not to slip on icy patches while chasing the perfect shot.

The cold? Oh, it was there, alright. But so was the love, the laughter, and the downright awesome vibes. The barn was thumping with beats, and even Jack Frost would've ditched his icicles to join the dance floor. The music was so good; I swear I saw Uncle Bob pulling off moves I didn't even know he had! And the photos? Let's just say, they're like snapshots of a winter dream. Kieran and Shannon braved the cold like pros, and the result? Pure magic. Frosty landscapes, cozy cuddles, and smiles that could warm even the Grinch's heart.

So, if you're up for a ride through a winter wonderland filled with love, laughter, and a touch of frostbite, stick around. Kieran and Shannon's Foxtail Barns wedding was a chill affair, literally and figuratively, and I can't wait to spill all the deets. Buckle up, it's gonna be a wild ride!

Supplier List:

Kieran and Shannon

Wedding Venue @foxtailbarnsvenue

Wedding Stylist @archinabox

Hair Clare Leigh

MUA: Martha Coverley @ciaobella.bymartha

Florist: @archinabox

Partner 1 Wedding outfits: @madewithlovebridal

Partner 2 Wedding outfits: @houseofcavani

Shoes: @beminefootwear

Caterer Details: @jenkinsonscaterers

Cake Details: @deliciousdelights86

Cellist: Isabella Dembinska cellist @isabelladembinska

Music: Dan B Coley Guitarist @_djcmusic

Couple:@shannnon_may @kieranpotter_

Gabriela is a Wedding Photographer and Videographer based in Yorkshire, Manchester and beyond. For more information about her pricing and packages, visit here



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