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Deepika + Joshua | Golden Hour Shoot | Part 2

Just like part 1 of this post, I also just feel like I need to say…. prepare yourself. Prepare yourself for some of the most stunning golden hour photos I have EVER taken. Prepare yourself for amazing traditional Indian clothing, and the gorgeous couple who wore it! And lastly, prepare yourself for STUNNING COLOURS.

Late October weddings are known to be a little chilly. Deepika and Joshua's day was no exception. It was a chilly rainy day for a their beautiful Anand Karaj, but it was also so beautiful that afternoon. I don’t know what it is about Yorkshire, but on October evenings, the light is just magical. It’s light and airy but also not too bright to capture the gorgeous fields that are in the distance. Honesty, this will forever be one of my favourite portrait sessions. I left Deepika and Joshua's day knowing that I was in love with their sunset portraits and as a photographer, there is no greater feeling!

This doesn’t happen at every wedding that I photograph, but I love it when the couple session ends and I feel like I have a deeper understanding of who are bride and groom are. Deepika and Joshua are just such a friendly couple, who shared beautiful memories of the two of them that allowed me to feel like I knew them better. I also learned that Deepika and I shared a lot of cultural similarities and family values- although my family were latino and her family from India. I learned that Josh is a highly ambitious individual, who shared similar work ethic ideas that I have and so he is definitely going places in life! Then I learned about their next steps together as a couple, where they want to go to, travel to and all about their love for hiking. It wasn't just a photoshoot, but rather I felt as if I was catching up with old friends.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes when I scroll through other photographer’s wedding blog posts, you see pretty pictures and gorgeous couples, but you don’t really feel like you KNOW them. I’m thankful for couples like Deepika and Joshua. We may only share one full day (or two in this case) together, but always love feeling like I have made friends and have shared in a small but meaningful part of my client’s special day!! It truly was a dream!

It’s sad to say but this is my last wedding for a little while! I’ll pick back up in December! As you scroll through this post though, I think you’ll agree that this was a perfect way to end my shooting spree over the mad summer!!

Deepika and Josh, Congratulations!!!!!! I couldn’t be more excited for you two!!! Enjoy your wedding day from my perspective and I can't wait to send you the rest xxx






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