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Newly Engaged?

Begin Your Wedding Journey Here

Absolutely free engagement checklist right here, right now.

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They put a ring on it, so now what?

Are you ready to begin the journey to the most stress-free, epic yet memorable wedding of your dreams?

Here's everything that should be on your to-do list now that you're engaged!

With a guide to use as a roadmap on this journey, you can begin planning with confidence knowing your big day will be a success.

Download my free Engagement Checklist PDF Guide and set up yourself for planning perfection!

Engagement Checklist

Not sure where or how to get started with your wedding planning?

Getting engaged is so exciting! Planning a wedding is also exciting, but it can definitely become overwhelming, especially if you're running with timing or budget restrictions.

What if it's too much for me to plan? What if my guests don't have fun at my wedding? Am I just wasting my money?

I get it.

Your Engagement Checklist

No experience required. 😉

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Use this guide to gain clarity and start enjoying your engagement journey with expert advise from an established wedding photographer!

In Your PDF you'll find:

🎯Breakdown of what steps to take next

🎯What you should NOT do when you get engaged

🎯Tips about choosing your wedding date

🎯Why you might need an engagement session

🎯A checklist to keep you on track

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