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Small Baby, Big Love - A Home Newborn Session

If you know me, you know that it is nearly impossible for me NOT to fall in love with my clients. (spoiler: I always do!). And of course, this sweet family, with their big beautiful souls and tender connection made me madly in love with this sweet tiny session.

I had the privilege to meet this wonderful couple a few weeks prior when they booked one of our mini sessions in Graves Park. At this point, Ellen was heavily pregnant and so we managed to capture some beautiful maternity photos with Dale. They were both nervous as they never had a photoshoot before, but they left super pleased with both the session experience and the photos too. Here's a glimpse of that session:

Testimonial about the Maternity Session from Ellen

"...Gabby was talking to us throughout the whole thing, making us laugh, talk to each other, and got the most beautiful natural photos. 30 minutes flew and we had such good fun together - we had a sneak peak of all the photos she had taken and they were amazing even before being edited..."

Ok so back to the newborn session,

It is also, always impossible for me to decide WHAT to include in my blog posts about my clients. Their love? Their sweet devotion to each other? The mad, insane love they already feel for their newly born child that they just welcomed into the world? Birth is such a special time, but I don't really believe it ENDS the moment your child is born. –It is really a million moments that bring you to your baby. It is a never-ending whirlwind of changing events and becoming something that you never knew how to prepare for, but you adapt in every way you can.

It's important for me to capture the small details, such as how small the baby's feet were in their parent's hands, how the baby's room looked when they were brought home, and the first bed they slept in. All of these will become a distant memory to both parent and baby, and so capturing these tiny details will encapsulate them in time forever.

Dale was also super pleased with how the session went, as he left a lovely review on our Facebook page:

Testimonial about the Newborn Session from Dale

Gabby text us when she was setting off with an estimated time of arrival which was perfect so we could fill our little baby up with milk ready for the photos.
We took Gabby around the house so we could decide which rooms were best for which type of photos - she knew exactly what photos were best where and when we received the photos we could totally understand why... they were all so perfectly placed, lit, with the right backgrounds etc.
During the photos Gabby talked us through how to position our son for the best photos and also helped guide us with these too.
Her bubbly personality made it comfortable and put us at ease from the off. She is extremely professional, talkative, polite, confident and an overall amazing photographer.
If you were thinking about booking a shoot - BOOK IT! You will not regret it. This is our second shoot with her and we will be getting another booked in for Egan’s 1st birthday. She does not disappoint - all our photos are absolutely perfect and better than what we could imagine, having pictures of our newborn son is priceless, but having them taken, edited and quickly sent over to us is even more invaluable.
Thank you Gabby - see you in the future.

I make sure I capture a lot of sneaking shots, which almost makes you forget I was even in the room with you. They are a glimpse into your lives at that moment in time, how you carried yourselves, how you held your tiny baby in your arms, and how life might have felt in that moment.

This little man was the most content little dude ever, super snuggled and super cute in his wrap. Ellen had practiced the night before and became an absolute pro- he barely even woke up! Thankfully he had had a nice feed before this photo, can you tell?

So why do a newborn session? Because we mark our life in moments. In sections. In small pieces and large ones. And because we want to remember these moments, how we felt, how we coped, what it means to us. Because we know love.

If you're interested in booking a home newborn session, you can find out all about them in our What to Expect... during a Newborn Photo Session in your own home post.

If you'd like to get in touch, simply visit

You can also view their full gallery here:



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