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I have a new brand: Why I rebranded, where is G & A, and what's next.

I’m incredibly excited to *officially* announce that I have a NEW BRAND! Wow, that feels so surreal. I officially hit “publish” on tonight, so a few of you may have noticed the new look on social media. I am SO excited about it and the direction it’s going to take my business.

I want to answer ALL of your biggest questions about my new brand, starting with, “Soooo…. what happened to G&A?” THAT is a very good question!

What happened to G & A?

Don't worry, Alistair and I are still together! We are actually closer than we have ever have been. Working alongside my husband was amazing for where we were at the start of the business in 2018, but if I'm being honest, I knew it wasn't going to be a long-term goal. It was beautiful and perfect for our image as a married couple, but I knew we both had different visions (and that's ok!). As with all businesses, we are evolving and changing and growing, which is a good thing, so we decided to split- as a business!

Alistair is a great photographer, but I knew his heart was always in aerial photography and drone flying. He enjoys being my second shooter, and my go to man, but his ambitions have always been in the skies. So he's branched off to concentrate on commercial drone photography and videography. You can check out his website here at AJ DRONE SOLUTIONS. He will still remain as my second shooter, and will be my backup photographer should I ever need him to cover, but the brand is now just me. Hi!

What does this mean?

Overall, the main thing I wanted in my company was for it to 100% be ME and my PERSONALITY. As someone who wanted a personal brand, this is SO important and the previous branding wasn’t truly reflecting that. I wanted people to TRULY feel like they knew me and my vibe just by browsing my website- I wanted my website to be focused on me and who I was, then the individual pages be geared towards my different offerings.

I’m going to be completely honest here…

I poured so much of my heart (and hours) into crafting this new brand that genuinely feels like ME. My hope is that it brings joy to your day by browsing my site, and that the resources help you to grow your small business!

But I wouldn’t be lying if I said I almost feel nervous. Is that weird?! It’s easy to start wondering if it’s really right… but that’s where I believe it truly IS *so* right. And that’s why I’m SO proud to share with you the brand that’s been in the works for several weeks. Thank you all for your support and encouragement as I launch my new brand. It means the world and I cannot WAIT to see how my business continues to grow!

If you want to hop to my homepage, simply click here: HOME

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1 Comment

Laura Bolton
Laura Bolton
Mar 26, 2021

This is so exciting!!! And you're doing my wedding!!!! Have I added too many exclamation marks?!

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