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Emma + Chris | Wood hall Hotel & Spa | Wedding Highlights

This beautiful day began in the historic country house, Woodhall Hotel, one mile from the English village of Linton, West Yorkshire. Emma was getting ready in her suite when I arrived at 10am, and she was honestly one of the smiliest happiest Brides I've ever had the pleasure to meet. She was so so utterly warm and welcoming, grin from ear to ear, and jittering about with excitement. She was actually so excited that we joked that she was going to leg it down that aisle to meet Chris!!! This excitement immediately set the tone for the rest of the day!

Sometimes I wonder how I have been so blessed with amazing couples who love me and truly care about their photography. I’m so incredibly thankful! Emma and Chris were a dream couple! They trusted me completely and were super eager to get photos done when I thought the lighting was at it's best. Throughout the day, I met their friends and family. One by one, different people would come up to me and say hello, offer me a drink and kind words of praise. Genuinely, I felt so comfortable being at their day, which made the day go so so fast. Thank you!

As you scroll through their beautiful wedding day, I hope you’ll be able to see in their images just how the perfect light can change the photo entirely! I loved every part of this day and I can’t wait to share it with you. From the eager, excited morning with Emma, to the groomsmen portraits and golden sunset light, this day was a dream!

Chris and Emma, I hope you’re enjoying your first few weeks as husband and wife! Thank you for entrusting us with this big responsibility!!! AND THANK YOU for this amazing review that you left, even before I had sent your full gallery- what a pleasure to receive :') It had me in tears.

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Here's their Wedding Highlights!