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Elmbank Hotel York Wedding Photography | Emma and Paul Winter Wedding

Alright, folks, gather 'round for a not-so-typical wedding tale. We're talking winter, The Elmbank Hotel in York, and a pair of lovebirds named Emma and Paul. Yours truly was behind the camera, capturing their day.

So, winter weddings mean layers, right? Scarves, gloves, the whole nine yards. But let me set the record straight – this wasn't some overly romantic, tear-soaked affair. Emma and Paul brought the cool and fun to The Elmbank Hotel, and it was more about embracing the chill than trying to fight it. The Elmbank, with its cozy vibes, set the stage. It wasn't overly grand or over-the-top, it's just a place that felt right for two people saying, "Let's do life together."

There were tears all day, but they were the good kind. The kind that sneaks up on you when you see someone you love looking all sorts of happy. From the pre-wedding chaos to the 'I do's and the party after, it was a ride of emotions, and I was there, camera in hand, catching it all.

Winter cold? Yeah, it was there, but so was the warmth. Emma and Paul radiated this chill vibe that made you forget about the weather. The guests? They weren't just there for the free food; they were soaking up the laid-back love these two were throwing around. So, if you're into a laid-back, winter romance and want a peek into Emma and Paul's cool celebration, stick with me. We're about to unravel the story of a wedding that embraced the winter vibes without getting too mushy. Stay tuned for the chilly but totally chill day at The Elmbank Hotel.

Wedding Venue: @elmbankhotelandlodgeyork

Partner 1 Wedding outfits: @elitebridaluk

Partner 2 Wedding outfits: @mossbros

Music: @littlecomets


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