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Amy + Mark | Abbeydale Picture House Wedding | Sheffield Vintage Cinema

I first met Amy and Mark in the summer of 2020, when I was conducting my mini sessions. They were such a lovely couple, I felt like I could relax my shoulders and let my hair down from the start, and we ended up chatting about their life, their dogs and their plans to buy together a converted caravan later that day! This was a time before they were engaged, long before wedding bells even echoed.

Many months later, I had a message from Mark on Instagram that immediately made me run to my husband and squeal (audibly) with delight. Mark was going to be doing a surprise proposal and he wanted me to photograph it in secret. We met at the location, came up with a plan, decided where they would stand, and then BOOM he would pop the question. It was truly a moment I am incredibly privileged to feel part of. "All of this from a mini session?" I thought. What an honour! I couldn't believe he wanted me to be the one to capture such a milestone moment. It went smoothly, Amy said yes- in fact, I distinctly remember her shakely saying "but I thought you didn't want to get married?" whilst I chuckled behind my camera.

Fast forward AGAIN, a few months later, both Amy and Mark got in touch about wanting to book me for their wedding- and I thought, ABSOLUTELY. YES. 100%. I was over the moon. I had been part of their journey, part of the previous two chapters in their life, and now they wanted me to photograph this very very important milestone. How could I not? I didn't even care if I was busy that day- I was going to make it happen. Luckily, I was free (not that it mattered) and we began our wedding chapter together, where they included me in so many updates, it made me incredibly excited from so so early on.

Their wedding was so vintage-inspired, and I just loved that. Their dress code was formal / cocktail, and their guests received the most amazing invites as Amy is a very very creative person. In fact, she makes the most beautiful designs for every occasion, which I highly suggest you check out here: In fact, she even custom made ALL the signs around the venue, from the seating plan to the ceremony signs, toilet signs and games for the table. It’s fun when couples do something a little different from all of the trends! Their venue played into this inspiration perfectly. The Abbeydale Picture House Sheffield was an amazing backdrop for their Wedding, Ceremony and Reception! This historic cinema has old, vintage decor, and also the characterful quirks suited this fun couple perfectly.

It’s such an honour and a joy to be invited back into a couple's life for one of their biggest celebrations. It means the world to me that my couples don’t just reconnect with me when it’s time for a photoshoot, but they continually follow my business and my story online. I can’t express how much that means to me.

Amy and Mark, I hope you're enjoying married life and relaxing with Gus, the most handsome ring bearer I've ever photographed. I hope you enjoy reliving this magical day through my images. I love you both! Enjoy your blog post!

Hair | Jenna @loveisinthehair

Makeup | Amy @muamyyy_

Florist | Amy Liz Designs

Evening Food | Sweetcandydreamshire

Photobooth: Vivalabooth



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