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Looking Back At Doorstep Lockdown Photos from March

As we enter our second national lockdown of 2020, it got us thinking about how many amazing families we met during the unprecedented times of the first lockdown. Nobody knew how long it would take, what it would be like, or when they would be able to see their family again. The only thing we knew to be certain; is that these families never stopped smiling.

We absolutely loved doing these doorstep photos! We started off on the 11th of May 2020, and carried on these doorstep sessions until the rest of June. As they became increasingly popular, we decided to fundraise for 2 charities- the NHS and FairShare. In the end, we raised over £350 between them. Thanks to you guys!

In this blog post, we are sharing our favourite shots from all the stunning people we photographed during the first national lockdown! See if you can find yourself or your friends!* (*Please note, this does not include families who chose not to have their photos on social media).

Before we begin, we also want to let you know we are bringing them back this Christmas! We are running our doorstep photography sessions again every weekend in December, raising money for Hope Hampers; a charity dedicated to helping vulnerable families with their weekly shop. So dig out those decorations and jumpers, because we cannot wait to see you all and capture you a second time.

Here we go!

Thank you so much for looking back at such an amazing experience. We met so so many incredible families and it gave us such a lovely nostalgic feeling going through the photographs and reliving the happiness and joy in each and every one of these families.

If you're interested in booking in to one of our slots, follow the link below to secure yours!

We are super excited to see your amazing Christmas decorations and jumpers! (and of course, you!)

Lots of Love

Gabriela & Alistair



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