What is a Cake Smash and Splash Photosoot?

Is your little one about to celebrate their first birthday? It's such an important milestone to celebrate, both for you as parents and for your not-so-little one. Mark the occasion with a first birthday Cake Smash and Splash photoshoot in our home studio (Sheffield based)! In the following post I'll detail all about our cake smashes and what to expect when you book

What is a Cake Smash Photo Session?

This is a craze that swept over the USA over the last decade, and it's now very big over here, along with other trends like Gender Reveals. Essentially, it's exactly what it says on the tin. Your little one gets the chance to have some messy play with a birthday cake, and it's as fun to watch them smash the cake as it is for you to watch! Surprisingly, not a lot of cake actually gets eaten, as a lot of it just tends to get squashed and smeared, but of course, it depends on your baby's appetite.

Then, after they have had enough playtime or enough cake, it's time to splash in our baby-sized baths filled with warm water and soft bubbles. This is a great way to get more photos and get cleaned up at the same time.

How Does It Work?

We start with a normal photoshoot of your baby, without any cake. It's a lovely way to capture your one-year-old in a beautiful portrait, just as they are. You are welcome to dress them in a particular outfit, and include any props. Then we move onto the Cake Smash.

I provide two outfit choices for the smash, or you can choose to keep them in their own clothes. We place the cake just in reach of your curious little one and let them explore the cake for themselves. Again, think messy play, rather than dinner, as they will most likely stick their hands in it rather than eat it. There is no time limit as to how long they interact with the cake, as I let the parents decide when the kid has had enough and how messy they want them to get. I have my list of photos to capture, but after that, it's a free for all and I let them have a bit of fun.

Then, after the smash, we have a little pause whilst we reset the studio. I will prepare the bath whilst you prepare your little one for bath time. I also provide swim nappies should you not want them in the nude, but all photos are professional and discrete. Whatever works for you.


What does the package include?

 The cost of these packages are £150, and for this price includes:

 - Portrait photos before the cake smash

 - Cake smash photos

 - Splash time photos

 - A bespoke personalized set-up

 - All outfits

 - All decorations (balloons, pom poms, buntings, props, etc)

 - The cake, handmade in the studio

 - Password protected online viewing gallery of all the edited watermarked images

 - 10 fully edited high-resolution digital images, plus the option to purchase extra photos, custom gifts, and more.

Is the Cake Provided?

Yes, we provide the cake. I give you a choice of chocolate or cream. They are baked in house, just for your session. I also provide a box so you can take it home and enjoy it. I will ask if you have any allergies beforehand, and if you prefer to bring your own, you are welcome to do so. (Note- No discount will be provided if you bring your own cake).

Is the Outfit Provided?

Yes, we provide the outfits for you for the smash but note these are not mandatory. We just have particular hats/tutus/bow ties that add extra cuteness, but you don't have to wear them if you don't want to. They are fresh out of the wash and ready for your little one to wear and will get thrown straight in the wash afterward.

About the Splash Session

Our bath is checked to be 37 degrees for your little one- the perfect warm temperature to wind down and relax after a fun smash! We use a gentle bubble bath (Child's Farm), but this is not mandatory if you decide against it- especially if your little one has sensitive skin. You can also choose to not have any water in the bath, and just have dry bath photos. Completely up to you- whatever works. We also provide the towels!

What do you need to bring?

- The usual things you take out with you and your child (nappies, drinks, etc).

- Bring small favourite snacks that we could potentially hide on the cake if they are not showing much interest in the cake.

- If you have toys that make your child smile or laugh, feel free to bring these.

- If you want to bring your own bubble bath/soap, you're welcome to.

When Shall I Book The Cake Smash Shoot?

I would advise that you book your cake smash session at the earliest opportunity possible, I always recommend about 2 months in advance to ensure you can get the date you would like, as these are popular session and book up well in advance.

How Should I Prepare My Child For the Session?

Make sure they are well-rested, and it helps if they haven't just had food before the session! A baby with appetite may interact with the cake better than one that is full. It's also beneficial if your child has experienced some messy eating themselves, so they are comfortable with having messy fingers during the shoot.

I would also ask that a maximum of 2 adults observe the photoshoot as there is limited space inside the studio and it makes it hard to shoot with any more people in the studio, it can also be distracting for your child. I ask that if at all possible you come to the shoot with only the birthday child rather than any siblings as well for the same reasons.

How Long Does the Cake Smash Last?

I allow up to 1.5 hours for these sessions, as it means we are not rushing and following your baby's lead. If they need feeding/nappy changes in between, we have plenty of time to do this. They can end earlier than this, depending on how well your baby takes to the cake and the water. The most important thing is, there is no rush!

Good To Know:

You know your child best, so if you need to be silly and make your child laugh, be ready to do so. I am a parent too, so I know how many funny songs and dances it takes to keep a little one happy! Don't be embarrassed, and I'll probably join in!

The studio is in our own home, and so you will be given the address when you have officially booked and paid your deposit. This is because I don't accept any walk-ins and the studio is prepped in advance. As it is in my own home, you will be travelling to a residential area in Sheffield for the session, but I can assure you the room is set up as if you were in any other studio!

I hope we have covered everything you want to know in the cake smash and splash photography sessions, but feel free to contact us with anything you're unsure about.

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